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Our Program

What We Offer

• Award Winning STEM Materials
• Studies of Basic Internal Anatomy
• Televised Microscopes
• Outdoor Exploration

AA Televised Micorsope 1.JPG
AA Lady bug hatchery.jpg

• Learning Our Native Trees
• Identifying Birds and Insects
• A Children’s Garden
• Montessori Manipulative Materials
• Reading Readiness Through Phonics

thousands work.jpg

• Hands-on Math Exploration
• Global Geography
• Cultural Studies
• Effective Communication Skills
• Social/Emotional Development

AA Turtle skelleton investigation.JPG

• Critical Thinking Skills
• Gross and Refined Motor Skills
• Improvisational Musical Expression
• Imaginative Play
• An Extensive Art Program

And Good Old Messy Fun!

messy art example 1 girl painting.jpg
messy art example 2 boy paint hands.jpg
messy art example 3 girl with clay.jpg
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