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Covid Policies

The Learning Lab keeps current with the Oregon Department of Education and the CDC Covid guidelines. As a registered childcare provider we are also inspected on a regular basis. We undergo at least two unannounced inspections per year in addition to our regular inspections. Learning Lab teachers will wear masks at school. Currently, children who are five years of age need to bring two masks per day, one freshly washed to wear, and a second one, freshly washed, as a back-up. If you would like your younger children to wear masks we ask that you send at least two clean masks daily. All masks need to have your child’s name on them. Learning Lab teachers and all adults within their households keep current with their Covid immunizations. We ask that all Learning Lab families do the same. It is your responsibility to provide updated information regarding immunizations. As a Covid safety precaution, all adults and siblings will wear masks when picking up or dropping off their children. Only the enrolled child will enter the building. Social distance markings are provided outside the front door. Children will have their temperatures taken at the door and cleanse their hands before entering. Additionally, above and beyond the CDC recommendations, we have twice the amount of Heppa air filters per sq foot operating within our building.

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